Small Temper & L’Frankie Creating Waves of Peaceful Harmonies

Small Temper & L’Frankie Creating Waves of Peaceful Harmonies

Small Temper, USA-based Liberian recording artist passionately representing Liberia on international platforms, concludes the year 2023 with an impressive collaboration alongside promising talent L’Frankie, delivering a masterpiece single titled ‘PEACE.’

Small Temper commitment to sharing his personal journey and spreading a positive message deeply resonates with his fanbase, who eagerly embraced the single ‘Peace.’

‘Peace’ is an Afro-pop fusion masterpiece, blending soft grooves that have quickly ascended the charts. The single possesses a unique ability to evoke introspection and connect listeners with their inner selves.

Small Temper describes ‘Peace’ as an ode to the pursuit of inner tranquility. He believes that many individuals often seek peace by sacrificing their own happiness to appease others, leading to eventual disappointment. Small Temper has reached a pivotal moment in life where compromising personal well-being for the sake of others is no longer an option.

Stay tuned for the forthcoming visual, set to accompany this captivating musical creation.


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